Visual Studio 2015

BI Developer Extensions for Visual Studio 2015 and SQL 2016 is installed from the Visual Studio Gallery. To install it, go to Tools… Extensions and Updates… go to the Online tab and then search for BIDS Helper (be patient as we are in the progress of renaming to BI Developer Extensions):

Visual Studio 2017

BI Developer Extensions for Visual Studio 2017 is currently in beta. See instructions here to get a copy.

Older Versions

For SQL 2005 (Visual Studio 2005), SQL 2008 (Visual Studio 2008), SQL 2008 R2 (Visual Studio 2008), download release 1.7.0.

For SQL 2012 (Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012) and SQL 2014 (Visual Studio 2013), though release 1.7.0 works, we recommend moving development to Visual Studio 2015 which is backwards compatible with SQL 2012 and SQL 2014. For Visual Studio 2015, install BI Developer Extensions from the Visual Studio gallery using the instructions above.

Prior versions can be found on the old codeplex site at